The Tancsa Page

Strange name eh ? This page is for any and all members of the Tancsa family tree. So, who are you ? If you did a search on the web, you probably came across a lot of references to me due to my years of participation on the Internet. So, if you are a Tancsa, drop me a line. This web site is rather boring right now, as I am sadly not artistically inclined. However, if you need some programming or computer networking, I am your boy.

I just started this web site as of the 14th of August, 2000.  If you are a Tancsa, and would like to be listed here, let me know and I can provide access so that you can upload a page or two or three about you.  You can put anything you like about yourself, as long as is does not violate the local laws etc...You can contact me (Mike Tancsa) at 


Tancsa Sightings (relations ?)

What I would like to do eventually:  It would be pretty interesting to know a little history of where our name came from and who we are.  The only information I have is that my paternal grandfather came from a very large family (around 20+), many of whom were killed in WWII ... He lived in Budapest and died in the 1970s.

An equally interesting and unique name was my partner's, Kathleen McSpurren who I sadly lost to duodenal cancer, July 29th, 2013. See
It was a pretty rough time for her (obviously) and me. Our journey was documented here In The Cancer Bubble

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About me:  I am a network guy for Sentex Communications, an ISP in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  A great place to work with a great bunch of people.  There I help look after the network. 

If you want to see some of my photos, mostly of my dog Orville, try Most pics I make can be found there

I have also recently taken up running for exercise and fun. Yes, I actually enjoy the process! I have been keeping a log of the group runs I do at The data is in kml and there are links to present it on Google maps as well. I am definitely NOT a road runner. I much prefer parks/paths as opposed to sucking in traffic exhaust!

Some notes about some of the places I have been when I was younger can be found at

Some other sites you may want to vist include

FreeBSD stuff

I also modified a program by Keith Winter that monitors an APC USB UPS. It works with both the RS and ES models under FreeBSD

For my pgp key, I use

(1)     Mike Tancsa (simiamscience) 
          1024 bit DSA key 19DA666F, created: 2003-10-23

If you are looking for my FreeBSD network testing results, see

Another location to visit is the glorious place called Enronia. For Information, see Even Atom Egoyan would be hard pressed to come up with a place like Enronia!