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Loading an OpenSSH Hostkey From a Hardware Token on FreeBSD

I had a requirement for creating an sftp server that needs strong client and host authentication.  The host needs to know its an authorized client connection, and the client needs to know its really the host its connecting to. SSH … Continue reading

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Novatel MC547 on FreeBSD 8.2

Not really an IPV6 posting, but I am curious how fast this will appear in google. (I will file a format PR later). But for users of the Novatel MC547 3g stick from Bell Canada, a bit of changes need … Continue reading

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Not quite naked without my NAT but feeling the draft

One of the promises of IPv6 is that its supposed to do away with the evils of NAT! My Favorite book so far on IPv6 is “IPv6 in Practice” and he writes on one of the benefits of IPv6 Abolition … Continue reading

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More notes after the fact…. It was surprisingly easy actually. Started out on Torix.  Most everything locally can be had via the route servers.  One small annoying thing… Who the hell came up with show ipv6 bgp sum Whoever decided … Continue reading

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